COMPSCI 682 Neural Networks: A Modern Introduction

Course policies

Check this page throughout the semester.


Assignments are due just before midnight, at 11:55pm, unless otherwise specified. You will hand in the assignments electronically through gradescope.

Late day policy

Re-grading policy: Errors in grading of assignments and exams can occur despite the best efforts of the course staff. If you believe you’ve found a grading error, submit a re-grade request on gradescope. Re-grade requests must be submitted no later than one week after the assignment is returned. Note that re-grading may result in your original grade increasing or decreasing as appropriate.


Audits are not permitted. Students must decide on SAT/UNSAT grading by November 15.

Rationale: Due to the high demand for seats in this class, our priority is to accommodate students who are committed to earning graded credits. As such, auditing is not allowed. Decisions regarding SAT/UNSAT grading must be communicated to us by November 15, which is expected to be shortly after the release of Assignment 2 grades. Bear in mind that by this deadline, a significant portion of your final grade will still be undetermined. If you foresee challenges dedicating time during the latter half of the course, it might be best to enroll in a different semester. No exceptions will be made.

Use of AI is not permitted

This course assumes that all work submitted by students will be generated by the students themselves, working individually or in groups as directed by assignment instructions. Students should not have another person/entity do the writing of any portion of an assignment for them, which includes hiring a person or a company to write assignments and using artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and Copilot.